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The best way for a small business to fulfill their IT support needs is with Managed IT Services. What are Managed IT Services? To put it simply, they allow you to outsource your Information Technology (IT) support, help desk, and IT planning needs to a specialized provider that has the in-depth expertise, process rigor, and customer service skills to ensure your technology works.  Further, it's a proactive approach - we work to ensure that problems are eliminated before they happen. Support is available whenever you need it and a long term understanding of your needs is achieved. This is very different from the traditional "break-fix" approach where IT only shows up when there's a problem - and often doesn't understand the "big picture".

IT Support by Virtual Operations provides:

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Why outsource? Let's turn the question around - unless you are a technology company, why would you insource technology skills?

Challenges of Insourcing Your IT Support Staff

The average company is utterly dependent on Information Technology (IT) - Windows, Mac, Apple, iOS, email, web sites, cloud, and on-premises business systems such as servers, networks, and Wi-Fi.  The scope and depth of knowledge required to support all of this is too much for 1 or 2 people to support. Further, cloud services are a huge benefit for small business, but because of their nature they have increased complexity due to the rapid rate of change and constantly improving capabilities. And we haven't even discussed security, backups, audits, and regulatory compliance!

In a nutshell, the challenges we see for most internal IT teams are:

In summary, for a small business to maintain an effective in house IT staff is challenging and a distraction that the business shouldn't have to deal with. Managed IT Services from Virtual Operations eliminate all those issues - forever!

But isn't outsourcing full of pitfalls as well?

The Downsides of Outsourcing

Maybe you've tried outsourcing before and not had a good experience.   Have you experienced any of the following?

At Virtual Operations, we take a different approach. Customers aren't "out of sight, out of mind", we're onsite and actively understanding your business whenever we need to be. We are Orlando and Central Florida's best IT Managed Services provider.

The Orlando IT Company That Cares About Your Small Business

We believe we are Orlando's top IT support provider. We've got an unfair advantage - our core executive team has a combined 50+ years of experience in enterprise IT and technology. We've got the breadth of skills, not just in tech, but in management, leadership, and business - allowing us to make a decisive difference. We are passionate about making your business a success.

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Client Experience

Virtual Operations was instrumental in setting up a VPN security solution which allowed us to lock down our Amazon security groups without the complexity of managing certificates across all of our servers. In addition to the improved security, their solution also...

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Philip Holt SPLYT

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