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Desktop and Laptop Backups – Why they are Important

Posted by Timothy Platt on Apr 4, 2018

Desktop and Laptop Backups – what are they and why are they important?

Why does your small business need desktop backups? Today we’re going to discuss this in-depth. Best of all, thanks to cloud services, you’ll find out it’s easier than ever to have complete, secure, and up-to-date laptop and desktop backups.

Laptop and Desktop Backups are Important

A desktop computer with Windows 10
Historically, small businesses have backed up their servers – and that’s it. Meanwhile countless business efficiency is lost as employees struggle with lost and deleted files on their workstations. Historically, the mechanisms (and disk space) for backing up desktops and workstations (this includes laptops and notebooks) was simply too complex and unaffordable. This is no longer the case. There are many cloud based desktop backup services that can provide convenient and complete protection for your business-critical data. Given how much business productivity is lost dealing with missing files, we feel your business must have desktop backups. Read on to find out why.

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Top 6 Reasons to Back Up your Desktop Data

Here’s the reasons your business must backup your desktops, laptops, and notebooks – in addition to your servers:

A laptop - do you have backups for this easily lost or stolen device?

Objection #1 – But We Use DropBox (or Google Drive, or OneDrive) …

Here’s the most common feedback: Businesses that use a cloud storage option with syncing (such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox) feel like that’s adequate protection. And it might be, but only in some cases. These cloud storage systems aren’t really backup solutions, even with syncing. Sure, they create multiple copies of your data, but they don’t necessarily provide a way to restore deleted or corrupted files, or past versions of files. Secondly, they are typically not able to protect your Desktop, Downloads, and My Documents folders, there’s usually only a sub-folder underneath one of those. And lastly, while they may have some versioning capabilities – allowing you to retrieve an earlier version of a document – this capability is often very limited. Typically, a very limited number or timespan of versions is kept.

Objection #2 – I use an external USB drive for backups

Perhaps you use an USB connected external drive for backups. Firstly, let us say that any backup is better than no backup. But connecting USB external drives for a backup requires you to take that action regularly. When that drive isn’t connected, no backup is happening. Secondly, this option does not scale beyond two or three machines. And lastly this is not a good option for today’s mobile workforce. A backup hard drive is yet another item to travel with – and can be lost or stolen.
An external USB hard drive - typically used for desktop backups

For all these reasons, cloud based desktop backups are superior, as we’ll explain in the next section

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Desktop Backup Features that We Recommend

Given all the above, we recommend you use a cloud based desktop backup solution. Cloud based solutions have the storage capacity, ease of use, security, and feature set that you need. What features should you look for? Here’s some starting points:

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We hope this information has been helpful. Your situation and unique requirements will need specific assessment. And remember, we’re here to help. If you’ve got a computer related challenge, whether onsite or in the cloud, give us a call at (407) 268-6626. We’d love to help.

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