How to Host Video on Your Small Business Website

Posted by Timothy Platt on Jun 10, 2017

In the past, we’ve talked about how to create an effective small business website. We mentioned a lot of good points, including the need for quality content. What we didn’t talk about is an up and coming category of content that is very popular, especially with the younger generations – video.

It’s easy to write and maintain text content for your website, but how about video? Are there easy choices for the small business?

NOTE: We don’t provide website design, coding, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, but we advise our clients on these topics, and can help manage other providers.

How to Host Video on Your Small Business Website

OK, let’s dive into the details. You’ve got a small business, and you want to use video to help drive your brand image and as a marketing tool. Let’s assume you’ve got some professional (or semi-professional) video content created, and need to figure out how to make it available to the masses.

Need a Website? Just use WordPress

If you’ve read our previous articles, you know we are big fans of WordPress. What’s WordPress? It’s a “Content Management System” (or CMS) that is made available for free and can be used to build almost any conceivable web site for small business. It’s very popular, and is the software behind millions of websites on the Internet. It is very popular choice for small business because of its price, flexibility, and the fact that every web design firm knows how to use it.

Long story short, it’s free, it’s powerful, and it’s popular. Whether you build your own, or engage a web design firm, use WordPress to power your website.

Host Video in YouTube

The next step is a no-brainer – YouTube is the hands down winner in the world of making your video content available for free. It’s the most popular video service, it’s free, and it’s full featured. What’s more, it’s the video hosting web site used by millions (billions?) of people worldwide. If you host your video on YouTube, it’s going to show up in search results on the YouTube website, but also on Google. Lastly, there are no fees associated with hosting videos on YouTube, you don’t pay a subscription, you aren’t charged for bandwidth, and they have an outstanding distributed architecture that ensures your video can be viewed by anyone, anywhere.

Ok, we’ve got our marketing video in YouTube, and it’s now accessible by the world. But how do we embed it in our own business website, to ensure it is part of our focused, crafted message that conveys our value proposition to potential clients?

Use the Embed and Video Widget features in WordPress

New with recent versions of WordPress is a Video Widget. You can embed video content uploaded to your own site (via the Media Library) or videos hosted in an “external source” – such as YouTube. We already touched on the relative benefits of hosting your video in YouTube – it’s free – you don’t pay for space or bandwidth, and it provides excellent glitch free playback for the bulk of the world. Secondly, having your video content on YouTube ensures it’s searchable by the millions of YouTube users worldwide, as well as in Google’s web search index. As such, we recommend you use YouTube.

How do we do this? Follow these steps (We’re assuming you’ve already uploaded your video to YouTube):

  1. Create a new Post or Page in WordPress
  2. Using the Visual editor, insert Media
  3. Choose the “Insert from URL” option and use the full URL link to your video on YouTube

NOTE: You can also embed your video anywhere (not just in Posts) in your website using the new Video Widget feature in WordPress 4.8.

What does an embedded video look like? Here’s an example:

What if I want to limit my videos so only employees can view them?

Do you have internal training videos that you need to make available only to your employees? We recommend Microsoft Stream, which is a cloud hosted video sharing service – but specifically built for sharing internal only communications.

Get Help from the Small Business IT Experts

We hope this information has been helpful. Having an effective website is a necessity for any small business. But like most technology – it’s a complicated, ever-changing topic. It’s hard to weed out what the best information is. And maybe you just want the results, and not get bogged down in the minute technical details. Let us help you get better results for your business. Give us a call at (407) 268-6626. We’d love to help.

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