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macOS High Sierra – Should You Upgrade?

Posted by Timothy Platt on Sep 30, 2017

macOS High Sierra – Should Your Small Business Upgrade?

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This week, Apple released macOS version 10.13 – also known as High Sierra. As such, it’s the successor to version 10.12 – Sierra. As with all macOS updates, it’s free, but before you upgrade, let’s discuss the new features this release contains and whether this is the right time to upgrade or not.

Firstly, High Sierra is considered a foundational update. It’s providing a lot of “under the covers” improvements and upgrades – that will reap benefits down the road – once software developers incorporate the new capabilities these upgrades provide.

Features of macOS High Sierra

Some of the new features include:
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So, as you can see, there’s not a lot of end user improvements that would be considered critical for your small business.

Is It Time for Small Business to Upgrade to 10.13?

Given that there are few end user focused improvements, and the fact that this release involves a major update of the underlying file system – and there appear to be some limited application compatibility problems, we definitely recommend that you hold on upgrading until version 10.13.1 or 10.13.2. There is little to be gained, for the average small business, by upgrading immediately and being subjected to the process of finding the bugs this release may contain.

From a security perspective, the 10.11 and 10.12 releases of macOS are still fully supported, and Apple is releasing security updates regularly.

Next Steps on Technology Decisions

If you need help with your technology decisions – we’re the right partner for you. We have in-depth understanding of all the technology used by small business – networks, servers, cloud, Windows, Apple, Mac, Android, and more. And we’re here to help – please give us a call at (407) 268-6626.

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