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IT Managed Services – Why you should be outsourcing your IT Support

Posted by Timothy Platt on Feb 8, 2017

Managed IT Services allow you to outsource your IT support and planning needs to a specialized company that has the in-depth expertise, process rigor, and customer service skills to ensure your technology works.  Further, it’s a proactive approach – the vendor works to ensure that problems are eliminated before they happen. Support is available whenever you need it and a long term understanding of your needs is achieved. This is very different from the traditional “break-fix” approach where IT only shows up when there’s a problem – and often doesn’t understand the “big picture”.

Why outsource? Let’s turn the question around – unless you are a technology company, why would you insource technology skills?

Challenges of Insourcing Your IT

The average small to medium size company is utterly dependent on Information Technology (IT) – email, web sites, cloud and on-premises business systems – are all critical for day to day operations.  Meanwhile, the scope and breadth of technology is continuously increasing – Windows, Mac, Wi-Fi networks, internet, web sites, Android, iPhones, tablets, servers, storage, and business applications – both in the cloud and on-premises.  The scope and depth of knowledge required to adequately support all of this is simply too much for 1 or 2 people to support. And we haven’t even discussed security, backups, audits, and regulatory compliance!

In a nutshell, the challenges we see for most internal IT teams are:

Cloud to the Rescue?

But hasn’t the switch to cloud (a fancy term for “hosted”) solutions simplified the needs?  Indeed, it has, in some respects.  The necessary administration (maintenance such as patching and version upgrades) has gone away and reliability have improved greatly.   However, the needs of an organization are still dependent on basic infrastructure such as laptops, desktops, phones, servers, networks, and Wi-Fi, along with an increasingly complex “web” of interconnected cloud systems.  To be successful in supporting IT a broad set of deep skills is needed in varying amounts. Cloud has only added to the skill necessary!

In summary, for a small company to maintain an effective internal IT staff is challenging and a distraction that the business shouldn’t have to deal with.  But outsourcing can be full of pitfalls as well!

The Downsides of Outsourcing

Maybe you’ve tried outsourcing before and not had a good experience.   Have you experienced any of the following?

The Orlando IT Company that Cares About Your Small Business

Virtual Operations is the Orlando IT company that cares about your small business. We have the skills and expertise to ensure your technology works for you. We are Orlando’s top small business IT support, and that is the advantage that Virtual Operations provides.

IT Support and Managed IT Services in Orlando Florida

At the end of the day, moving your IT support out of office is a big decision. If you have any questions about outsourcing and would like to speak to an IT expert, please call us at (407) 268-6626.

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This is the 1st part of a multi-part series discussing the advantages of IT Managed Services, you can read the second part here.


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