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Small Business Phone Service Options

Posted by Timothy Platt on Aug 26, 2017

Phone Service for the Small Business

Today we are going to talk about phone service for the small business. Much has changed over the last 10 years regarding phone systems – there are now more options than ever – from onsite PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems to cloud based phone solutions that integrate with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool of choice.

Let’s talk a bit about the options – and what their relative strengths and weaknesses are. But first, let’s make sure we understand the basic technology we will use.

Internet Telephony and Voice Over IP (VOIP) – the foundation of modern phone systems

The last twenty years has seen the rise of Internet Telephony. This is near ubiquitous now, and there’s a good chance your home phone service (if you even have it) is based on Internet Telephony.

In a nutshell, Internet Telephony means “phone calls via the Internet”. It’s implemented via something called VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP is the protocols and related technology that lets you make those phone calls over the Internet. Basically, with the right hardware (an IP phone) or software application (such as a “soft phone” or voice enabled messenger application) you can dial, connect and speak to someone else via the Internet.
IP Phone, used with Internet Telephony.  Uses VOIP

Of course, this doesn’t happen for free. You need something to act as the gateway to the Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN. This is how your IP phone can call any cell phone, land line, or toll-free number globally. The interface between the two systems (Internet and PSTN) is enabled by an internet service provider (ISP), phone provider, or cloud service provider.

Internet Telephony has been the best thing to ever happen to phone service. The flexibility and new capabilities it enables are astounding.

But just because Internet Telephony is a commodity now – that doesn’t necessarily mean that your business is getting the best value for your dollar. There are many ways to benefit.

How can your small business leverage Internet Telephony?

Conference Phone - commonly used with VOIP phone service
What benefits can your business derive from this? It’s partially dependent on what your business needs. For example, consider these points:

VOIP Phone PBX Server - such as Asterisk
OK – maybe you now have an idea of your needs. Let’s talk about options. How can provide the best phone service for your business needs? We have these general options:

Next Steps on Internet Telephony

So, as you can see, there are a lot of options. And what is right for your company depends on what your business needs. That’s where we can help. Contact us now with your phone service questions. We can advise, plan, and help implement these systems. We can ensure your business can reach its goals.

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