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Need a lot of storage space? Here’s some options

Posted by Timothy Platt on Jul 26, 2017

Need a lot of storage? Here’s some options

Computer storage gets better and better – nearly every day. Smaller, faster, more capacity, and a continuously falling price tag. Need to upgrade your computer storage? Here’s some recent options.

See here if you are looking to free up space for your existing storage.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drive (SSD)
We’ve talked about the benefits of SSDs before – faster, lighter, smaller, silent, and less power draw. And as we mentioned, the price keeps dropping and the capacities are increasing. Viking Technology has announced an amazing enterprise SSD with a 50 TB capacity. To be clear – that’s 50 TB – 50,000 GB. This model is really intended for data center usage, but if you need a more reasonable desktop capacity – the Intel Pro 5400s provides 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage for about $400.

Hard Disk Drives

A computer hard drive, used for mass storage
If you need really large-scale storage for your desktop, on a reasonable budget, you’ll need to look at traditional hard disks. While these can’t compete with SSDs from a pure performance and reliability standpoint, they do have one huge advantage – the cost per Gigabyte of storage is much, much lower. For example, you can get a 10 TB Seagate hard disk drive for about the same price as that 1 TB SSD. Will it offer the same performance? No, of course not, but it’s 10x the storage space at 10,000 GB of space.

To sum things up, if you need to upgrade your storage capacity there are lots of great options. But which option provides the right mix of cost, performance, and storage space? That will depend on your specific use case. If we can be of assistance, please give us a call at (407) 268-6626. We’d be glad to help.

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