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Technology Insights for Small Business

3 Things to consider before you sign-up with a cloud services provider

Posted by Joe Nax on Oct 31, 2018

 3 Things to consider before you sign-up with a cloud services provider   More and more SMBs are migrating to the cloud and that is not a surprise considering the numerous benefits the cloud can offer them. For a SMB, the cloud is a cost efficient and secure answer to their growing data needs and IT security requirements. The cloud grows with them…

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Wi-Fi Security and KRACK

Posted by Timothy Platt on Apr 7, 2018

Wi-Fi Security – What is the New KRACK Attack and How Serious Is It? Earlier this week, a security researcher publicly disclosed a serious security vulnerability in the 802.11 WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol – this is the Wi-Fi protocol used by every modern device. The attack methods (there are multiple) used to exploit this vulnerability are being called KRACKs (Key Reinstallation Attacks). Because this is…

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Computer Security – Why Defense in Depth is the Best Approach

Posted by Timothy Platt on Nov 12, 2017

Computer Security – Why Defense in Depth is the Best Approach Here on “Patch Tuesday”, we’re going to discuss an important topic that we touched on briefly last week. We believe “Defense in Depth”, as applied to computer security, is the best way to mitigate the risk of security exploits and breaches. We’re going to describe the rationale and specifics of this multi-layered approach….

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Equifax Hack – Takeaways for Small Business

Posted by Timothy Platt on Sep 10, 2017

Key Points About the Equifax Hack (Data Breach) for Small Business As you’ve probably heard, this week Equifax Inc. (one of the “big-three” credit bureaus) announced a cybersecurity incident that involved a data breach of 143 million U.S. consumer records. A data breach is a form of computer hack where confidential or private data is exposed – accessed, viewed, or stolen by unauthorized individuals….

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What’s the Best Web Browser?

Posted by Timothy Platt on Mar 23, 2017

Here at Virtual Operations, Central Florida’s best Managed IT Services provider, we’re often asked about web browsers. Specifically, which web browser do we recommend for desktop usage, and why. We’ll discuss that today. We’re making recommendations here for the average small to medium business, in desktop/laptop/notebook scenarios (as opposed to smart phones and tablets). Best Web Browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 Running…

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