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Technology Insights for Small Business

Network Support in Orlando

Posted by Timothy Platt on Apr 18, 2018

Network Support in Orlando Do you need Network Support for your small business in Orlando, Florida? If so, Virtual Operations, LLC is the right choice for you. We have extensive experience with managing, troubleshooting, and improving business networks. Do you have any of these issues? Internet Performance Network Reliability Network Security Questions or Issues WiFi (Wireless) or Ethernet Performance Problems with phone systems or…

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Remote Access for Small Business Networks

Posted by Timothy Platt on Dec 6, 2017

How To Provide Remote Access for Small Business Networks Today we’re going to talk about providing secure remote access to your business’ network. Why would you want to do this? To allow employees to work remotely – and to let them have access to the servers, applications, and file shares they use regularly. This is great not only for occasional use outside of the…

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Why Fiber is a Better Internet Connection

Posted by Timothy Platt on Feb 27, 2017

In our last article, we discussed common issues and troubleshooting for cable Internet service. As we mentioned, business cable Internet is based on the same technology as home cable TV. Many small and medium businesses outgrow its capabilities quickly, especially if they are heavily reliant on the Internet. In this article, we’ll discuss a better Internet connection for these kinds of companies: Fiber What…

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The Business Owner’s Guide – How To Fix Your Internet Issues

Posted by Timothy Platt on Feb 26, 2017

In this article, we’ll discuss the options for making your Internet and network technology more reliable. We’re not going to deep dive into a lot of tech jargon – we’re going to provide a business-friendly overview of the steps you can take. Lastly, we’ll make some assumptions about the type of network gear we most often see for small to medium sized businesses here…

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Managed IT Services – Good for You , Good for Us

Posted by Timothy Platt on Feb 9, 2017

As we discussed before; a Managed IT Services plan is a great way to meet your IT support needs – it removes the headaches and distractions of technology and allows the business to focus on what’s important. It’s a pro-active approach that focuses on avoiding the problems (and requests) before they happen. Perhaps best of all it results in predictable costs because service is…

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IT Managed Services – Why you should be outsourcing your IT Support

Posted by Timothy Platt on Feb 8, 2017

Managed IT Services allow you to outsource your IT support and planning needs to a specialized company that has the in-depth expertise, process rigor, and customer service skills to ensure your technology works.  Further, it’s a proactive approach – the vendor works to ensure that problems are eliminated before they happen. Support is available whenever you need it and a long term understanding of…

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Why Choose Virtual Operations?

Posted by Joe Nax on Jun 18, 2015

Although we are the number one IT services provider for many local companies, people who haven’t used us often have questions as to what value we can provide. Take a look at this 2-minute video to learn more about what we can do to make your business more efficient, saving you time and money! .

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Wi-Fi – Problem solving

Posted by Timothy Platt on Apr 19, 2015

At Virtual Operations, we are commonly asked to help improve Wi-Fi for our customers. In fact, it’s one of the most common complaints. Weak signal, poor performance, dropping connection, or the inability to connect to Wi-Fi at all are very common issues. Poor Wi-Fi can be the problem behind a slow computer. Why does Wi-Fi seem to have so many issues? Why is my…

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IT Network and Production System Monitoring Solution

Posted by Joe Nax on Nov 22, 2014

Check out this basic demo of our custom monitoring solution which we architect based on your network and/or production system specifications. Technology is now the #1 concern for most businesses.  That means system failure is not an option.  You need 24/7/365 uptime and transparency.  Our simple, elegant dashboard allows users to quickly identify any areas in need of attention.  Full featured and agile, this…

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Solving business needs through Infrastructure Design (Part 1)

Posted by Joe Nax on Nov 5, 2014

When approached by Philip Holt (CEO of Orlando’s new high tech co-working space, Canvs) to build out their infrastructure, we knew that there would be unique challenges to the design.  First off, for those that don’t know what a co-working space is, it’s a space where startups and other entrepreneurs can get desk space for a day or a month.  The space is shared…

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5 tips for a more efficient IT network

Posted by Joe Nax on Oct 5, 2014

To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. A reliable and secure network is necessary for your business to be successful. Once that network infrastructure is in place it is critical to make sure it satisfies your company’s needs and works in tangent with your employees. Here are a few tips to avoid employee downtime,…

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