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Posted by Timothy Platt on Jul 15, 2017

Microsoft Visio Online

Microsoft has announced that Visio Online is now available. Visio Online is Microsoft’s web-based diagramming experience, allowing a user to create and edit basic diagrams in their favorite browser. As such, this product is moving Visio into the cloud. Historically available as a desktop only product, the drawback to using Visio has always been difficulty with sharing what you’ve created with others – especially in an editable format. With this release, Microsoft will have an answer to the many “web only” competitors that have cropped up to take advantage of Visio’s shortcomings (this includes LucidChart, Draw.IO, Google Drawings, and Smart Draw Cloud.

NOTE: As of Oct. 1, 2017, Visio Online is now generally available on a per-user basis as Visio Online Plan 1. Additionally, Visio Online Plan 2 includes Visio Online, and access to the desktop version of Visio.

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Features of Visio Online

What’s good?

Microsoft Visio Online

How do I get Visio Online?

Visio Online Plan 1 is a per-user, monthly plan. It includes access to Visio Online. Visio Online Plan 2 will include both Visio Online, and the desktop version of Visio. This plan will replace the current desktop software option – Visio Pro for Office 365. Your Office 365 Administrator can add licenses for either product as needed. If you do not add any of the Visio Online products, your Office 365 users will be able to view, but not edit Visio documents online.

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